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Cost of Living

The cost of living in Thailand can be low, but in tourist areas, things can be considerably more expensive. It’s safe to say your main expenses will be accommodation, transport, eating out and drinking.


One of the best aspects in travelling in Thailand is the wide range of accommodation types. You can find some cheap places to stay if you are willing to go without air conditioning or are happy not to have a sea view at the front of a resort.

On the islands, it is still possible to find some cheap bamboo bungalows that cost very little. And if you are willing to pay more, there are plenty of much more luxurious options. Don’t forget to check out some of our Island guides for choosing accommodation.

Note that many of the cheaper bungalows may not appear on booking sites – you might just have to turn up and ask, just like in the ‘olden days’.

All-in-all expect to pay ฿500 – ฿1000 Baht for a cheap bungalow. The sky is the limit for more expensive options.

Eating Out

Again, this is one of the amazing things about Thailand. You can get delicious food for next to nothing – if you know where to look. Don’t be put off by street food vendors, especially busy ones! The street food markets like the one in Chiang Mai are absolutely amazing and you are spoilt for choice, in culinary terms these could well be the highlight of your trip. For instance an excellent Pad Thai from a street vendor can cost you only ฿20.

In tourist areas you can expect to pay ฿200 baht for a main. Local beers can vary from ฿80 to ฿200 and more if you are choosing international beers. More below on beer prices in supermarkets.


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Supermarket Prices

You can hardly walk a few meters without bumping into a 7-11 in Thailand. As well as offering refreshing air conditioning, they offer many of the products you might need daily. Here are some key prices from June 2024 (some prices may vary according to location).


Mont Fleur mineral Water 500ml (pack of 12 bottles) ฿128 Baht

Single water bottles range between ฿9 and x Baht each


Ustar UV Bright Sun Primer SPF50 PA+ 40 g. – ฿240 baht

Nivea After sun lotion (200ml) ฿426 baht

7-11 Cheese toastie

The famous 7-11 cheese toast (or burger) is a staple for backpackers, either drunk or hungover. Prices range at around ฿30 baht – ฿45baht

SIM card

‘True’ tourist SIM, unlimited internet for 15 days ฿699 baht

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