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Thailand travel budget calculator

Budget your Thailand travel with precision using our calculator

Backpacklife was born from a love for travel

Join us on this expedition as we all explore this amazing planet.

First, we are focusing on Thailand, but we hope to bring you much more travel inspiration for the rest of the world.

An adventure we can all share

Rather than just a static guide, we are building a collaborative map of points of interest. This can be your favourite places to stay, beaches, viewpoints or anything that others may find helpful. Share your own experiences so that others can benefit.

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It’s not just the places, it’s also the people

Chances are you will meet friends for life while travelling. And on the subject of being social, we’re starting up our own privacy-friendly social media platform too. is based on software called Mastodon. You get the benefits of a distributed community of users without the worry of ‘big tech’ harvesting your personal information.

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